Dr. Mark Allan Padolsky

      Dr. Mark Allan Padolsky is a TMJ dentist in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Padolsky graduated from dental school from Emory University in 1982. At that time there were no TMJ courses taught in the curriculum. After observing TMD problems in his patients, Dr. Padolsky immediately realized the importance of understanding and treating this disorder. In over 30 years of practicing dentistry Dr. Padolsky has successfully treated many TMJ patients and has taken an exhausting number of continuing education courses. This earned him a Fellowship in the Atlanta Craniomandibular Society in 1990. The Society was dedicated to the multidisciplinary study of TMJ Dysfunction. Dr. P is also a past president and served as Vice President and General Meeting Chairman in 1989.

      In September 2000, our Atlanta TMJ dentist, earned a Fellowship in the American Orthodontic Society. He was also given an Achievement Award by the AOS for his extensive participation in continuing education in orthodontics. In 1988 Dr. Padolsky became a Fellow of the American Academy of General Dentistry ( FAGD) and in 2002 he was awarded the highest honor available to members of the American Academy of General Dentistry, the Master ( MAGD ) award. These honors demonstrate his continuing commitment to dentistry and his patients by staying on the cutting edge of dental treatment.

      Dr. Padolsky has even taught post doctorate continuing education courses in TM Disorder for both the University of Alabama School and the University of Pittsburgh’s Schools of Dentistry. He is also an Associate Clinical Faculty member at the Medical College of Georgia. His extensive background allows Dr. Padolsky to perform both the initial and final phases of TMJ treatment and he is comfortable working with other dentists, physicans, physical therapists and massage therapists in a team approach to treating shared patients. He believes that surgery is only to be used as a last resort after all other treatment options have been exhausted.

Here’s a list of what those acronyms at the top actually mean.

DDS - Doctor of Dental Surgery
MAGD - Master of the Academy of General Dentistry
FAOS - Fellow of the American Orthodontic Society
FACMS - Fellow and Past President of the Atlanta Craniomandibular Society
FICOI - Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists

AFAAID - Associate Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry

     Dr. Padolsky enjoys helping his patients get relief from their TMJ symptoms. He has developed a TMJ treatment program based as his extensive experience treating patients as well as exhaustive number of TMJ courses. Treatment takes time and relief does not come instantly, but if done right it will come quickly. If you believe you are suffering from TMJ Disorder or have had difficulties with treatment in the past we’re happy to provide you with more information on this notoriously misunderstood health issue. If you are in the Atlanta area and would like help please call at 404.876.8123.

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