Jaw Popping and Clicking

      Jaw popping and clicking are common TMJ symptoms. Different people will describe the sensation differently so the words are interchangeable in this sense. There are two different causes of this particular phenomenon. The first cause is when the condyle actually comes out of the mandibular fossa! This is the jaw dislocating and popping out of it’s seat when it is opened and closed. As you might imagine this can be disconcerting.

      The other cause for this sensation is when the disc inside the joint becomes loose. The disc is anchored on the left and right by ligament and can shift forwards and backwards if there are any problems. This shifting can be felt when opening and closing the jaw as the disc is pushed around inside the joint. It is possible to diagnose which particular problem a patient is experiencing by doing a physical examination and determining where in the motion the popping or clicking occurs..

     If you are suffering from these TMJ symptoms do not suffer in silence and do not wait to seek treatment. Even if you have been unsuccessfully treated for TMJ in the past do not let it discourage you, it is possible to get relief from your unpleasant symptoms. TMJ treatment is not an instantaneous cure and can take devotion on the parts of patient and dentist alike.

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