Tinnitus is defined as a ringing in the ears. Many people will notice this phenomenon after concerts and other loud events. There are actually a number of different causes for tinnitus so it is not only a symptom of TMJ disorder. Having ringing in the ears does not necessarily mean you have TMJ disorder. Also common is decreased hearing, not just ringing in the ear. It’s caused by compression of the tissues behind the jaw joint that press into the ear.

      This vibration in turn affects two important muscles in the ear: the tensor tympani and the tensor levi palatini. The tensor tympani attaches to the ear drum and is designed to stabilize the ear drum when experiencing loud sound. Sounds is vibration and loud sound is violent vibration. If the tensor tympani is vibrating because of muscle spasms in the surround area then you experience ringing in the ears

     If you are suffering from these TMJ symptoms do not suffer in silence and do not wait to seek treatment. Even if you have been unsuccessfully treated for TMJ in the past do not let it discourage you, it is possible to get relief from your unpleasant symptoms. TMJ treatment is not an instantaneous cure and can take devotion on the parts of patient and dentist alike.

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