TMJ Headaches

     TMJ headaches are one of the more common TMJ symptoms. These headaches can often be so severe that they are mistaken for migraines! What’s worse is that the pain of a TMJ headache can actually trigger a really migraine, only adding to the pain! TMJ headaches are felt along the temples because the temporalis muscle spreads out over this area. When the muscle is strained for too long it will begin spasming and this will cause headache pain. Unfortunately, these headaches can last for extremely long periods of time. One of the ways many people deal with stress is by clenching the jaw muscles. This does not actually help relieve the stress on the muscles and can extend the headache.

      The headache can spread so that it affects the back of the head as well and in some cases the neck. Many patients live with these headaches for years without getting a proper diagnosis! Luckily it is possible to treat TMJ Disorder – not just the symptoms. There are a variety of different techniques that have shown promise but when combined together in a custom tailored treatment plan it is possible to get relief from the symptoms and treat the disorder. Treatment takes time and relief does not come instantly, but if done right it will come quickly. If you believe you are suffering from TMJ Disorder or have had difficulties with treatment in the past we’re happy to provide you with more information on this notoriously misunderstood health issue.

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